It’s Wearing a Bit Thin, Don’t you think?

  • The childish name-calling.
  • The cruel degrading of women.
  • The blatant racism against African Americans.
  • The hatred of Muslims.
  • The compulsive lying.
  • The broken promises.
  • The mocking of war hero’s and the disabled.
  • Separating of children from their parents.
  • The caging of babies and young children.
  • The destruction of all that is good.
  • The dismantling of norms.

This November you have a choice to make. Probably the most important decision you will make this decade.

Choice 1 – Keep watching an endless re-run of an F-Grade soul-destroying horror movie, or,

Choice 2 – Begin watching a new feel-good movie your whole family can enjoy and benefit from.

After all…

It’s wearing a bit thin, don’t you think?

Author: admin7